So yeah, been a little busy! Been a little bumpy at times but things are going well. We both have found work and got me a vehicle to get around. It’s a ways off but we have started looking at …

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It’s been almost exactly a month since we quit our jobs and hit the road. We’ve had a lot of adventures and seen a lot of places and people on our trip across the country. Going to take a couple …

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Total distance: 615.20 km (382.3 mi) Total time: 6:48:22 Moving time: 6:40:10 Average speed: 90.39 km/h (56.2 mi/h) Average moving speed: 92.24 km/h (57.3 mi/h) Max speed: 117.62 km/h (73.1 mi/h) Average pace: 0:40 min/km (1:04 min/mi) Average moving pace: …

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Leesburg, GA,-84.096222

Dee says:
Yeah! I’ve loved watching your travels and so happy most has been... more
Don Watson says:
Super! more

Looks pretty coastal for Alabama!

Almost done

Nothing like complete terror to start your day. Dash got out and ran around crazy at the gas station on a busy road. I thought we were going to lose him. He’s ok. Dave and I, not so much. I …


Eleventh leg of our journey

Total distance: 489.01 km (303.9 mi) Total time: 5:33:04 Moving time: 5:22:31 Average speed: 88.09 km/h (54.7 mi/h) Average moving speed: 90.97 km/h (56.5 mi/h) Max speed: 112.56 km/h (69.9 mi/h) Average pace: 0:41 min/km (1:06 min/mi) Average moving pace: 0:40 min/km (1:04 min/mi) Fastest pace: 0:32 min/km …


Campground at Barnes Crossing – Tupelo, MS

Stopped for the night.,-88.70356


In Tennessee for a short bit, passing through.,-90.04949


Headed out of MO

Looks like the sickness is starting to pass and Dave is well enough to hit the road again. Might be a shorter day than usual but that’s ok. We didn’t get to spend as much time with family here as …